Automations For Business Owners

Small Businesses Use Tools To Save Time

#1. Lead Generators

There are all kinds of service that automate offering leads. Even Google Adwords has their own leads-generation form where customers input their own data.

#2. Customer Service

Customer service can be automated with all kinds of tools. The first one is having a great website, the second can be using OwlReply to automate your emails.

#3. Follow Ups

Every business should have good ways to follow up with their customers after service. This can be as simple as automatically sending past customers a survey about your service.

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Small Business Tips

Some tips for small businesses to help them really get off the ground running.

Automations for Small Businesses

Maximizing the amount of time you save with automation is key for businesses.

Email Etiquette

Doing a good job at writing emails will make people want to correspond with you.