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Magically enable your customer service representatives to reply to emails faster and more completely, with keyword-based email drafts instantly created for them.

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Customers get more complete answers using our keyword-based automatic replies, and you don't have to use any fancy software to do it.

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Enhance your small business's email replies with keyword-based automated drafts.

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We create email draft replies in your inbox, so you can fine tune the final email.

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Add unlimited keywords to your automated responses to help reduce your workload.

Incoming Email
Hey can you guys bake a birthday cake for my wife? I need it in a couple days, sorry I dropped the ball and emailed so last minute.

Sent from my iPhone.
Draft Reply
Thanks a lot for emailing us! Ashley's Bakery provides the best cakes in all of Texas.

For birthday cakes, we have half sheets for $45 and full sheets for $80. Let me know what you prefer

As always, you can rely on Ashley's to give you the best cakes in the world! We even make our frosting from scratch from real cane-sugar.


Owner of the best cake company in the whole world!
We guarantee the freshness of all our cakes, cookies, and more!
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